A Walk Up the Hill

trees up the hill

on this cold February morning, take a walk with me for a while leave your phones on the coffee table let us take the path up the hill where a grove of trees stands hold my hand let’s walk as close as we can let us not allow that jealous bee to come between us […]

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A Walking Suicide Note

nimbus clouds like looming suicide

She exists and persists with a nimbus cloud hovering over her head, filled with notions of death and self-disgust that prevents her from shutting her eyes at night – for sleep makes the nightmares too real, the horrors tangible enough to wind her springs tight. She smiles and laughs to hide mirthless eyes that speak […]

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You Have No Idea

kids - you have no idea

You have no idea. You have no idea how much I despise myself when my demons make their way into the surface and turn me into the monster I don’t want to become. You have no idea how much I regret raising my voice at you and creating such hurt and sadness in your gentle […]

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All She Asks

all she asks - the sun

She didn’t ask you to be the sun that sizzles the hot, summer air. She didn’t ask you to be the moon that shines outside her window with such flair. She didn’t ask you to be the air she breathes or the breeze that ruffles her hair. She just asked you to be the presence […]

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When My Days Blend Into Nights

days blend into nights

When my days refuse to end even as the sun goes down and disappear to let the moon shine – that’s when I’d know that my world is beginning to totter and tilt into a blanket of dark space. When my midnights seem to be another midday, even as the stars begin to twinkle out […]

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