A Love Story from the Past

a love story from the past
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and it fell..
an amalgam of
bright hues,
right into my lap.
fuschias, magentas,
saffrons, aquamarines…
like jewels of every kind,
sparkling, dazzling,
brightening my very life.

and it encompassed…
warm, warmer, hot!
scalding my being,
suffusing me with
the need for more.
yes, more! i need more
of this love
for life, for hope,
for a new tomorrow.

i need more
to bring me aloft
to a euphoria
that eluded as it dived
out of grasp.
but, has landed
in my lap.

Love - Kiss
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One Kiss

leave me with but one kiss,
to tide me over
until i can have all of you
encompass my being.
leave me with that
fiery imprint on my lips,
that will linger, even
as the morning after
has turned to high noon.
let me just feel it
scald my soul
with its full intensity –
knowing full well
that i’d lie awake
’til all hours
thinking…what would
have happened, if
i had let you –
leave me with more…

A Love Story
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After the Kiss…Leaving Me with More

Your kisses brand my soul
with a fire, blazingly hot,
it scalds me, yet leaving me
wanting for more.
Your touch moves me
with such intensity,
making me soar like
an eagle to the sky,
unabashedly reaching for passion’s heights.
You fill my being to the very core
with a completeness that astounds me,
leaving me breathless, making me sigh,
lifting me high, up to the heavens.

And even as the midnight breeze
brushes my brow and cools my skin,
I can still feel the strength of emotions
running through my veins,
touched by the liquid fire of your love.
And even as you go,
your scent lingers…
leaving me with a pleasurable
awareness – of the next things to come,
of the future wonderful moments,
when you leave me with more
than what i hoped for.

Love Story
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Love’s Magic

My heart resounds
and daisies bear wings to fly.
My lips utter words
and sunflowers swoon in complete desire.
So wondrous are my feelings
to behold, that angels and stardust
prance and laugh.
Tears sparkled, oh how they shine,
Like jewels glittering down velvety grass.

Love Story

I Smile

even as i rush through my day,
i can still remember
the way you made me feel last night,
and i smile…
like butterfly kisses to my soul,
you make me whole
with every touch, every kiss,
i reminisce – and i smile…
songs linger in my heart
for though we are apart,
the knowledge that we’ll see each other again
brings roses to my cheeks and mirth to my eyes.

so, i hurry through the day.
happy that you’re coming my way…
anticipation in every breath,
ready for your every caress.
i skip with every step, willing the day
to end, for then…
i’ll be in your waiting arms once more…
and, yes, i smile!

Love Story
Photo Courtesy of the film “Dear John”

the love i’ll leave

eyes closed,
your face, vivid, i see.
your voice i hear
as if embracing me.
you touch me
though you’re afar,
as you are the fire
that blazed
my heart.

soon, i’ll leave
and will depart –
from your arms
of strength and
the warmth of your heart.
but the gentlest whispers
from your soul to mine,
is just but one
of the sweetest melodies
i’d never leave behind.

i’ll keep them
deep in my heart where
you always will be.
you are a dear,
a treasure,
for you have loved me.

A Love Story
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In Another Lifetime

I love you.
I wish I could stay
and feel that way
about you forever.
But, reality pervades
my every day
and I know that we
could never belong
to each other.

You have your life.
I have mine.
While they are so
they are still so
far apart.
Because what holds
me in bondage,
is something you
could never break,
and one that i
could never turn away from.

If there was
only a way
that I could run
back to you,
I will take it.
But, there is none.
So, let’s just let
this be, let
our love drift apart.
Maybe, in another
we’ll find
ourselves back
in each other’s arms.

A Love Story
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Goodbye…Please Remember

goodbye, my love.
i will never love someone the way i loved you –
sudden, short, but inexplicably sweet.
goodbye, to you my heaven.
i hope you will only think of me now
without sadness – for we had so much
happiness shared between us.
goodbye, goodbye, goodbye…
let not tears touch your eyes
when you do remember,
for if you cannot smile when you reminisce,
what good then is remembering?

A Love Story
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My Bed, Lonely, Creaks No More

my bed is the most
lonely place there is right now,
for i know i will
never find you there again.
your head will not
dent my pillows.
your body could no
longer mess my sheets.
and, my heart cries out
with the pain of it all,
for your scent
still lingers
as poignantly
as your touch,
your kisses
and your love.

how can i go on
sleeping at nights
without your sweat
to cool my skin?
how can i ever bear
to lie down in my bed again?
thinking – that never
will it creak…
it’s old springs
will forever cease their nasty protest,
because you and i
will never make love on it again…
will never bask
in the wondrously blissful
aftermath of our love…

because to parting,
we inevitably gave up
and parting
gave way to sorrowful tears,
for illicit was
our love, it was
never ours to keep.

A Love Story
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Once More

once more, i’ve reclaimed
that wonderful, heady feeling
when you’re near.
once more, i quiver
when you touch me, with just
your fingertips.
once more, i tremble
when you leave me with,
butterfly kisses searing my soul.
once more, i’m filled
with this immense bliss,
of finding myself wanting more.

yet, once more, i find
myself plummeting hard
into the unforgiving ground.
as once more, you left
me broken and bleeding,
like you did before.
once more, you went
away with nary a thought
and hardly a sound.
once more, you wrecked
my tender feelings, like
you never cared at all.

A Love Story
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Waiting for Nothing

twisting and turning,
blankets sweaty and crumpled,
waiting for your call.
not knowing what to expect,
not knowing anything at all.

do you still love me
as you did?
do i really
mean anything to you?
is your telling me
you miss me,
meant to make me suffer?
or are you baring to me
your feelings?
when you lie beside her,
do you really think of me
or is this just my fantasy?
will i burn in hell
for believing
that you still care,
when you have your
own life as i have mine?
will you end
these questions soon?

tears staining my cheeks,
nails bitten to the quick,
waiting for your call,
text, email, anything…
waiting for something, anything,
or everything…or nothing at all.

A Love Story

It’s Just Me…Only Me

my mind is getting
the best of me.
it is seeing me
rushing into your arms,
enfolding myself
in your embrace.
resting my head on
your shoulders,
taking in your
your all too familiar warmth,
breathing in your
all too remembered scent
and letting it seduce
and comfort me.

but, when i force
myself to wake,
i am back
to my lonely place
where only i exist
amidst memories of the past,
longing, hoping, but knowing
that all these will just come to nothing.
and, that it’s just me,
only me wallowing in this misery.



The poems in this compilation first appeared on https://livingasoulfullife.wordpress.com/ and https://allpoetry.com/leigh_heart.

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