A Walk Up the Hill

trees up the hill

on this cold February

morning, take a walk

with me for a while

leave your phones

on the coffee table

let us take the path

up the hill where

a grove of trees stands

hold my hand

let’s walk as close

as we can

let us not allow

that jealous bee to

come between us

wrap your arm

around my waist

keep me as close

as you can

on this cold February


morning, let me feel

the warmth of your body

against mine as we

match our steps, our pace

as we walk

when we get to the grove

let’s kiss even as we

catch our breath

let us feel the air hitch

between our open mouths

you don’t even have to

say anything

let your tongue do

the talking

let your hands roam

on this cold February


morning, let me feel

you and only you

let me feel the you

i have missed

away from phones,

from routine, from the rush

in the hush

of this cold February


morning, let me feel

how it was when

everything was simple

when it was just

the two of us




**It’s been a while since I last posted a poem in here…because, life…but, I hope this will be a start of me picking myself up, doing the things I love doing again, and continuing to hold on…**

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