All She Asks

all she asks - the sun

She didn’t ask you to
be the sun that sizzles
the hot, summer air.
She didn’t ask you to
be the moon that shines outside
her window with such flair.
She didn’t ask you to
be the air she breathes or the
breeze that ruffles her hair.

She just asked you to
be the presence that holds
her upright, when she’s ready to fall;
To be the hand she could
hold on to when she’s
on her way to the mall;
To be the shoulder
she can lean on when
everything’s shot to hell;
To be the ear that will
listen and hold all the
secrets she can tell.

She’s not asking from
you the universe,
just your love.
If only you’ll realize,
she needs not an eagle,
but a dove.



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