An Ode to the Year that Was


I woke up to a dawn of crisp, clean air
To sit on the throne at the king’s lair.
I got the whole world at my feet,
Giving no thought to the word, retreat.

I wasn’t just on my way to the top –
I was already there, my ascent no one could stop.
I was in a place where
People had to accept things as they were.

But the thing with being on the peak,
Especially when it’s enlightenment you seek –
There is nowhere else to go but down,
You need to set your foot back on the ground.

So, I did fall from my lofty space
Into a chasm of horrors, I didn’t want to face.
I plummeted right into the ink-black pit
And got swallowed by the dark that tested my grit.

The noon of my life took an abrupt turn
Where I had to endure the torturous burn
Of thoughts of death by suicide
And the purple stench of sleepless midnights.

I was steeped in the murky depths,
An aimless zombie, always short on breath –
Aching to break free, as my spirit yells
Amidst the depression, anxiety, and something else.

It seemed like there was no end in sight
To what I deemed was my horrendous plight.
But I found a welcome way out –
A sliver of hope in my world of doubt.

I began to look at the beautiful skies
And renewed the strength of old ties.
I dug deep to bring back my soul’s sunset
And gave myself some time to rest.

Now, there is purpose to my every step.
Yes, there is a tomorrow for me yet.
I can rise above the cloud that shadows me –
Even as I stay rooted to the ground, I still can be.




*This poem was written to bid adieu to year 2017. Overall, it was not a good year for me, but I am hopeful for a better one in 2018. Cheers to having a great 2018 with all of you!*

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