The Veins to My Soul

traffic - veins to my soul

Like this city’s busy streets, my veins vibrate with the rumblings of the motorbikes, cars, and trucks that make their way through dust-covered highways and byways. My veins, they echo the murmurs and hums of the daily traffic, as they rush to supply blood to my heart – beating a resonant sigh of longing – […]

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Her Heart

her heart - the jungle against the sky

Her heart Is a jungle Of twists and turns – A veritable maze Where you could Lose yourself In broken branches And dried up leaves. Her heart, It is also a meadow – A vast field Where you could Be yourself And wake up To hopes of a Better tomorrow.   ©Leigh_2018

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When the Day Comes

when the day comes

There will always come a day when you’d slip back into yourself. When all efforts you’ve done to appear happy and on top of things will topple down and leave you in a puddle of mess so sticky, you’d have a hard time ungluing your body and your mind from it all. Amidst all the […]

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This is Not Being Brave

standing tall is not being brave

I am not brave. I just know what people expect from people who go through the same shit as I do. They expect us to say we’re fine when they ask if we’re okay – for they couldn’t handle it otherwise. They expect us to smile and be all happy and gay even if we’re […]

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