In the Cafe

in the cafe

I have a special corner In this cafe, I frequent every day. Here, I can be lost in my thoughts. I can also work to my heart’s desire, Earphones plugged into my ears – Blaring some Linkin Park, Pearl Jam, Or some other alternative band. My music drowns out the disco Or techno songs the […]

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hurting myself

Silently he steals into my night with the chillest of breaths, the nightmares that sear my soul. He pours liquid fire into my veins, Pulsating in my wrists And tingling harshly in my fingertips. I claw my way into every inch Of my body that burns with his touch. I see blood-red ribbons of skin […]

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do not laugh

semicolon heart tattoo

please don’t laugh when i tell you i may be going crazy. i am not joking. i am actually sharing with you my reality. i may not be able to articulate enough how i stare at my wrists for hours, imagining razors running over them at every turn. you cannot possibly know how hard it […]

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live each moment…


I have no idea where I am at now. I am literally at the crossroads of this journey called life, where I know not if I should turn left or right. There are still so many things I need to accomplish, so many goals I need to meet, but then I think, to heck with […]

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