Her Heart

her heart - the jungle against the sky

Her heart Is a jungle Of twists and turns – A veritable maze Where you could Lose yourself In broken branches And dried up leaves. Her heart, It is also a meadow – A vast field Where you could Be yourself And wake up To hopes of a Better tomorrow.   ©Leigh_2018

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When the Day Comes

when the day comes

There will always come a day when you’d slip back into yourself. When all efforts you’ve done to appear happy and on top of things will topple down and leave you in a puddle of mess so sticky, you’d have a hard time ungluing your body and your mind from it all. Amidst all the […]

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This is Not Being Brave

standing tall is not being brave

I am not brave. I just know what people expect from people who go through the same shit as I do. They expect us to say we’re fine when they ask if we’re okay – for they couldn’t handle it otherwise. They expect us to smile and be all happy and gay even if we’re […]

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Back in the Dark

In the Dark

She smiled. She smiled with all her might – But she’s drowning in the dark again. She tried. She tried real hard – But she’s back down in her hell-hole again. She’s back. She’s back in that place, Where she’s clawing at her wrists again And she aches for a simple embrace. She’s empty. Yes, […]

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The Scent of Vanilla

the scent of vanilla - vanilla scented candle

Dark night at the beach. A tent for two pitched on the sand. The lines of my body, your hands traced. As we made love, the scent of vanilla candles permeated the air. Bright lights in our house. My young brother lies in a white coffin, His hands, by his side, held immobile. As we […]

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