The Man in My Nightmares

dark man

As I drift slowly Into my drug-induced sleep, A scene from the past into My dimming consciousness creeped. It was of this school girl And how frightened she was At the sight that assaulted Her eyes, so young and innocent. I could almost hear her screams As she ran away, scampering And quivering – not […]

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Did You Have a Good Day Today?

sunset - good day

I had a good day today. A simple statement that may Mean so little to somebody else, But means the world to us. Yes, to us – to you and I Who struggled to get up this morning; To you and I, who had to Fight our multi-colored demons Before we could wrestle Ourselves free […]

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The Rain for the Clinically Depressed

rainy day

Rainy, gloomy days are not good, my therapist said, for people suffering from depression. These dreary days bring them down more, she stressed. On this though, I would like to differ. For a clinically depressed person, the rain could be so much more. I love the rain, I told her this much. It makes me […]

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In the Cafe

in the cafe

I have a special corner In this cafe, I frequent every day. Here, I can be lost in my thoughts. I can also work to my heart’s desire, Earphones plugged into my ears – Blaring some Linkin Park, Pearl Jam, Or some other alternative band. My music drowns out the disco Or techno songs the […]

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