Clouds, Jellyfishes, and Automatons


Like a wispy cloud floating aimlessly
across azure skies that could turn midnight black at any moment,
you wake up without purpose – your mind going blank on you without warning,
turning vacuous like a drifting jellyfish that has accidentally latched onto
life without knowing how or why.
Then, just as suddenly you begin to smile eerily
as if you’re experiencing your own kind of sunrise.
You light up and go all
Animated like an automaton with all its switches flicked on.
However, as you grin knowingly like you’re enjoying a good piece
of secret that has the power to spin the world on its axis, deep inside you a haze
persists in eating at what mindfulness you may have at any given moment.
You still couldn’t shake off
The fog that blankets your senses, dulling their edges as you go
through your days that come without rhyme or reason.

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