Combining Conventional Tools and Social Media for Public Relations

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Promoting your business takes more than just using conventional tools for public relations like press releases. You have to extend your reach further and use other tools. Aside from press releases, you have to leverage other media like images, videos, tweets, posts and blogs. You should also make use of the power of such social networking sites as Facebook.

Social Media Offers Opportunities

Unlike other people who believe that social media is destroying PR, others believe otherwise. For them, social media will be able to generate additional opportunities for marketers and people in the PR world instead. Because customers are now becoming savvier socially and when it comes to search, social networking sites like Facebook will soon turn into a search engine. In light of the incorporation of Bing and Facebook, it can really be said that search has turned from just being that to becoming social.

Integrating PR, Social Media and SEO

If you are a marketer, you need to do more than just use social media for promoting your business or your brand. Your titles and tweets should also be infused with keywords. You should beef up your public relation strategy by utilising social media and distribution channels for your publication. Your strategy should have to become social. They should be coursed through posts, status updates, tweets, and blogs as well as through the use of location-based social media like Foursquare.

You should also develop a tactic for your posting your content. You should make sure to you not only have monthly updates, you should also have them daily and weekly.

The social in social media should not be forgotten as well. You can do this through posting comments on blogs. Doing this will not only let you develop conversations and relationships with other bloggers, this would also help in your blog’s getting additional traffic.

The integration of all the social media tools you are using is also imperative. You should ensure to use a great deal of them when it comes to sharing upcoming events, fresh news and additional line-up of services or products from your company. Make public relations, social media and SEO best friends in your business marketing strategy.

Build Up Business Buzz

Make this marketing effort more powerful by adding the links of all these social media to your press releases. For every new service or product, create a press release focused on other bloggers in the same market as you. Through this, you will be able to generate more authority and publicity for your business.

You can even get bloggers who are already influential in their own rights to make your press release for you. Through this and through using social media in distributing this press release, a buzz will be created for your business. When comments are posted regarding these products you are introducing to the market through the use of social media, the more buzz will be generated.

You can even bookmark all press releases and blog posts written about your new service or product through social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon and Delicious. Utilising different Twitter accounts for letting people know about your press releases is even a good way to create some buzz. The tweets you post are instantly indexed by Google and would highly increase your brand’s exposure. Never pass up on using a social media. Use them to the advantage of your business at all times.

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