When My Days Blend Into Nights

days blend into nights

When my days refuse
to end even as the sun
goes down and disappear
to let the moon shine –
that’s when I’d know that
my world is beginning
to totter and tilt into a
blanket of dark space.
When my midnights
seem to be another
midday, even as the stars
begin to twinkle out –
that’s when I’d know how
I’d break at any second,
not with a whimper, but
with a bang – a hotheaded
outburst only bound to hurt;
That’s when I’d know how
I’d bruise and scar again,
my nails digging into my
skin, over and over –
my forehead meeting the
wall for more times than
I could count;
That’s when I’d know how
there’s no escaping for me,
how there’s a ticking bomb
in me I could not detonate,
how I’d need someone to
help me deflate.



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