Did You Have a Good Day Today?

sunset - good day

I had a good day today.
A simple statement that may
Mean so little to somebody else,
But means the world to us.
Yes, to us – to you and I
Who struggled to get up this morning;
To you and I, who had to
Fight our multi-colored demons
Before we could wrestle
Ourselves free from the sheets
That seem to bind us to our beds,
Bearing the firm imprints
Of our stone-laden bodies;
To you and I, who wished
To stay buried in our dreams,
However horrible or insanely delicious
They were in all their nightmarish splendor.

Yes, we had a good day today –
Because you and I, we were able
To get through it
With lesser thoughts of dying,
With fewer attempts at drawing marks
On our skin that may or may not
Leave scars, but will always be
Meant to hurt ourselves,
To punish ourselves for things undone
Or even for no reason at all.

Uh-huh, we had a good day today –
Because you and I, we combed our hair
And put on smiles for everyone to see,
Even as our angst-riddled souls
Rebelled at the idea of faking it;
Even as our masks clung furiously
To our very core, afraid to slip
And give people the satisfaction
To see us at our very worst.

Now, I re-affirm that statement.
Yes, we had a good day today.
Yes, because you and I
Held on tight to the facade
That allowed us to face people
Without spitting on their hypocrisy
And their world of make believe.
You and I, we didn’t think
Of ruining their perfect outfits.
Nope, not all.
We just thought of shoving rags
Down their throats so they’d shut up.

So, yes, you and I,
We had a good day today.
Because with everything
That’s going on in our heads,
We managed to hold on
To our self-awareness.
We maintained a firm grip
On our desires to hurt and be hurt.
We held on to that sliver
Of light that allows us to hope,
To dream that one day soon
Our saying we had a good day
Will have more
Than just an ounce of truth.

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