Down Into My Soul’s Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole of My Soul

One, two, three,
You are all going down with me
Into the rabbit hole of my soul
Riddled with ghouls
Lurking in the dark crevices
You’d rather not visit,
But have no choice about –
As you go down, down with me.
Four, five, six,
I’ll add my skeletons into the mix
And draw you farther in
Down, down, deep down within
Where you’ll see ghastly terrors
You could never have imagined.
Seven, eight, nine,
I’ll get more of your attention this time
As I drag you down still,
Close your eyes if you will –
But you can never escape
The cold, clammy claws
Now digging into your skin
As it claims you and owns you
Until you could never un-see
What I want you to see
As I pull you down, down, down with me.
When we reach ten,
You’ll see them all over again,
The ribbons of skin
Flailing in the wind;
The streams of blood
Amidst all the screams;
The knives buried deep in throats so white;
The mangled wrists that will forever
Haunt you in the middle of the night.
When we count back to one,
You will see you are too far gone –
Reliving each of the horrors plaguing me
As if it was your own,
As I hold you captive
Down, down, down
In my soul’s rabbit hole.

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  1. My nightmares of death and sorrow for my family are because of control. Years of therapy have helped me to realize that I cannot control everything. so now that i know it…only helps a little bit. I am anxious and apprehensive most everyday. Just keep moving forward. love and light for you!

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