To Be Freed From The Murmurs in Your Mind

Crazy Bi-Polar

When the buzzing
In your head becomes too much;
When the silence
Is filled with noises
You long to be gone,
That’s the time when
The veins on your wrists
Seem to stand alert,
They push against your skin
Aching to burst through –
It’s as if they are begging
To be slashed or cut
Right at the middle –
So, they can be free of you,
Of the murmurs that come
Not just late at night,
But even during those times
When you think you are safe;
Immersed in the idea
Of connecting with people,
As if that alone could save you
From drowning in the misery
Clouding your every move.
That’s the time when your neck
Pulsates with the need
To feel the sharpness
Of a blade.
That’s the time when you delve
Deeper into yourself
To find the answers that have since
Eluded you from the start.

*Feature Image Courtesy of Abstract Art by John L. Payne*

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