I Am Tired

I Am Tired - Leah May Lim-Atienza

I am tired.
I hope there is some other way
To describe how I feel,
So, I can wipe away
The doubt on your face.
You don’t know
How hurting it is to see
That you don’t believe me
The way I expected you to.

I am tired.
There is simply no other way
To tell you about the heaviness
In my bones and the lethargy
That shrouds my very soul.
It is pulling me down,
Wearing me out, and keeping me
From tasting the freedom
I have long been dreaming about.

I am tired.
I wish there was another way
To explain how I could never seem
To bring myself out from under
My blanket and my bed covers;
How I couldn’t unearth myself
From the pit of despair
That always seem to cloud
My dulled senses.

I am tired.
I desperately wish you’d believe me
And the rest like me, when we say
Those three words that seem
Like an excuse to you, but is hauntingly
Real for all of us, who hang on
To that slim thread that holds us
To this world, but is threatening
To break at any minute.

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