i am waiting…

The Show Must Go On by Leonid Afremov

in the middle of the day,
when all is quiet
and the whole world
seem to be lulled into
an endless siesta,
i am left alone with
my screaming thoughts.

my face, seemingly calm
and serene,
conceal my emotions – stirring
in their darkness,
terrifying in their morbidity.
my eyes betray
my sentiments though.
they show the pathos
swimming within the depths
of my soul.
they’d let you in, if you choose to.

however, not a lot of people
has ever ventured too closely
into discovering the real person
behind my mask of smiles.
no one knows all the facets
of my tainted being.
no one has ever dared
to get to know the shadow
behind the facade,
for they are afraid
of getting burned by the intensity
of the turmoil within.
they could not handle what
lies beneath the effervescent
character they’re used to.

so, i lie here waiting
for even just one person
to wish to know the real me,
to want to listen with me
to the loud yet silent perceptions
of my twisted mind.
i am waiting…in vain.

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