i’ll always remember…

dried up memories

the flowers have dried
and lost their blushing hues.
the balloons have deflated
and gathered dust in the corner.
the notes all read, cried over
and stored away.
however, deep in my heart
a chestful of memories stays.

there were those times
when we laughed like crazy
and trilled over silly things,
there were the good morning smiles
and the goodbye hugs.
there were the moments
when bitter tears were shed
and huge sighs of relief
were heaved by our collective
souls, frustrated at the
unfairness of the world.
there were shared cans of
chilled Mountain Dew
and a plentitude of
sweets, savories, pastries
and what nots.

all of these, i will
treasure my entire life.
they’ll always be
etched in my heart.
for i may be far from you all,
but my spirit will remain
bound to the ideals and aspirations
that color the memories of our past.

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