In the Cafe

in the cafe

I have a special corner
In this cafe, I frequent every day.
Here, I can be lost in my thoughts.
I can also work to my heart’s desire,
Earphones plugged into my ears –
Blaring some Linkin Park, Pearl Jam,
Or some other alternative band.
My music drowns out the disco
Or techno songs the cafe workers
Seem to favor more than others.

However, there are also times,
And, these are my favorites, too,
When I dwell on watching
The different souls
That come and go into the cafe.

There are oldies but goodies,
Who emit an earthy brownness
That for me signals they’re dying.
It’s funny though how they don’t know
That I have already signed
Their death sentence
Without their knowing about it.

There are also the yellows and oranges,
Who seem to be so full of life,
I sometimes get the urge
To choke them with my bare hands,
So, I can feel their spirits slip away.

Then, there are the blues and the pinks,
Who seem to be so solid and sure
Of their places in the world
That sometimes, they forget
How the universe is also filled
With the grays and blacks.

These are those who are so uncertain
Of their hold on their sanity,
They sit by themselves most of the time.
Sometimes, they also camouflage themselves
With other colors, so they’d blend in.
But, they’d pay for that
At the end of the day.

When they get home
And the night slips into their psyches,
They peel off layers and layers of skin
They’d have to wear to appear okay
During the day.
Then, they’d lie down and feel
Their strength drain away,
Starting from their fingertips
And down to their very toes.
Some of them cry, others hurt themselves,
And there are those who just let go.
They are the ones who don’t get
To wake up the next day.

So, as I sit here,
In this corner of the cafe
I have claimed as my own,
I think about the people
Who are like me,
Who live their lives
One day at a time
As they are unclear about what
Waits for them at night.
And, if I’d have known them personally,
I would have gone to them
And whispered in their ears
To just hold on for one more day.
Who knows, these anti-psychotic,
Anti-depressant, and anti-anxiety pills
Might work after all.

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