Like a Zombie

Zombie Art by Jack Larson

In a zombie-like trance,
I go through the humdrum of my days.
I wake up in the mornings
Still feeling the buzz of the pills
I took the night before, like coffee dregs
Entrenched in my system –
Refusing to dissipate.
I exist during the day,
With my brain, fuzzy around the edges –
Like cotton candy, slowly melting
Under the heat of the sun.
I go to sleep at night
With my mind and body zapped out
Of what little energy
That keeps me awake during daytime.
I pop those pills into my mouth
And fall victim again
to their charms
Of non-suicidal thoughts
And senseless dreams,
Just so I could wake once more
Like a zombie, the next morning.


*Feature Image Courtesy of – Zombie Art by Jack Larson*

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