Love and Worn-Out Blue Jeans

worn-out blue jeans

There is nothing more satisfying
Than slipping on a pair of worn-out blue jeans;
Freshly laundered and smelling of fabric conditioner,
Its fabric settles on my skin
Like the caress of your callused hands,
Soft yet harsh at the same time –
Sending tingles down my scoliotic spine.
There is nothing more comforting
Than wearing a pair of worn-out blue jeans;
Distressed and faded in places,
In patches that shows of love over time –
Just like how you’ve transitioned from being my lover
To the man who now fits me seamlessly into his arms
To hold me there and make me stay there;
Protecting me from my demons, shielding me from my fears.
There is nothing more worth keeping
Than a pair of worn-out blue jeans;
It can easily become your favorite piece of clothing
As it conforms to every curve of your body the older it gets,
Making it more comfortable as time goes by –
Just like how we’ve grown to know each other’s quirks and flaws
And how we’ve come to accept them as we chose to stay together
For the rest of our lives, no matter how short or long that may be –
Amidst all challenges and joys, all beautiful regardless of triviality or significance.

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