take it off and rest…

Masked Woman

when the mask you wear gets frayed beyond recognition and threatens to slip off at the most inopportune moments, you cannot do anything but to give in to the emptiness that seems to seep out of your every pore with each cold sweat, infecting your entire being and making you want to clutch yourself in […]

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i’ll always remember…

dried up memories

the flowers have dried and lost their blushing hues. the balloons have deflated and gathered dust in the corner. the notes all read, cried over and stored away. however, deep in my heart a chestful of memories stays. there were those times when we laughed like crazy and trilled over silly things, there were the […]

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you don’t know me…


a bird with a broken wing, i exist cool and unaffected on the surface – with smiles painting my face, yet not reaching my eyes – where you can see the turmoil that dwells within. unless you will care to delve deep, you will never know the me inside.

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do not push me away…

Night Sky

in the midnight hour, when the darkness of the world covers the hopeful glow of the moon, your heart calls out my name – a sound that reaches my soul as i sleep, trudging along the avenues of my dreams. even as you push me away, i can sense the pull of your energy. it […]

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