you don’t know me…


a bird with a broken wing, i exist cool and unaffected on the surface – with smiles painting my face, yet not reaching my eyes – where you can see the turmoil that dwells within. unless you will care to delve deep, you will never know the me inside.

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do not push me away…

Night Sky

in the midnight hour, when the darkness of the world covers the hopeful glow of the moon, your heart calls out my name – a sound that reaches my soul as i sleep, trudging along the avenues of my dreams. even as you push me away, i can sense the pull of your energy. it […]

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misunderstood love…

Girl in Sunshine

i love you. if i’d have to be misunderstood to spare you the grief of losing me in the future, then so be it. i’d rather that you don’t see my real intentions than have to witness you suffer in the end. i’d rather that you believe me rotten and weird in my loving you, […]

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