Back in the Dark

In the Dark

She smiled. She smiled with all her might – But she’s drowning in the dark again. She tried. She tried real hard – But she’s back down in her hell-hole again. She’s back. She’s back in that place, Where she’s clawing at her wrists again And she aches for a simple embrace. She’s empty. Yes, […]

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The Scent of Vanilla

the scent of vanilla - vanilla scented candle

Dark night at the beach. A tent for two pitched on the sand. The lines of my body, your hands traced. As we made love, the scent of vanilla candles permeated the air. Bright lights in our house. My young brother lies in a white coffin, His hands, by his side, held immobile. As we […]

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An Ode to the Year that Was


I woke up to a dawn of crisp, clean air To sit on the throne at the king’s lair. I got the whole world at my feet, Giving no thought to the word, retreat. I wasn’t just on my way to the top – I was already there, my ascent no one could stop. I […]

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The Rape of Her

the rape of persephone

You screamed at the top of your lungs Like Persephone did when Hades took her Against her will. You struggled with all your might, But you were no match to the chariot-riding god Who overpowered you with his brute strength And held you captive with just a flick of his fingertips. You wanted to steal […]

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Clouds, Jellyfishes, and Automatons


Like a wispy cloud floating aimlessly across azure skies that could turn midnight black at any moment, you wake up without purpose – your mind going blank on you without warning, turning vacuous like a drifting jellyfish that has accidentally latched onto life without knowing how or why. Then, just as suddenly you begin to […]

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