Longing for Dead Silence

Dead Silence

I long for dead silence. The kind of silence where you Can’t even hear a needle drop On the marbled floor at your feet. The kind of silence that exists In the stillness of the night, Where there is the absence of Hooting owls and chirping crickets, When everyone else is asleep Except me and […]

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Like a Zombie

Zombie Art by Jack Larson

In a zombie-like trance, I go through the humdrum of my days. I wake up in the mornings Still feeling the buzz of the pills I took the night before, like coffee dregs Entrenched in my system – Refusing to dissipate. I exist during the day, With my brain, fuzzy around the edges – Like […]

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Imprisoned and Poisoned

Imprisoned and Poisoned - Depression

I would like to shed The darkness that cloaks me, But it continuously chokes me Even as I go to bed. I would like to be rid Of the nightmares that haunt me, But they completely confound me And often throw me off the grid. I would like to shake off This monster that’s taken […]

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My Once Lesbian Dreams

Lesbian Dreams

I am a woman. I am a woman with four kids. Yet, once upon a time, this woman Memorized the curves of another woman’s lips. She yearned for the feel of another woman’s skin on her own And longed to touch the gentle swell of that woman’s hips. She daydreamt about cupping that woman’s bosom […]

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Love and Worn-Out Blue Jeans

worn-out blue jeans

There is nothing more satisfying Than slipping on a pair of worn-out blue jeans; Freshly laundered and smelling of fabric conditioner, Its fabric settles on my skin Like the caress of your callused hands, Soft yet harsh at the same time – Sending tingles down my scoliotic spine. There is nothing more comforting Than wearing […]

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