My Pink Shoes and My Semicolon Tattoos

pink shoes and semicolon tattoos

I wear my pink shoes
When I need a pick me up,
When I need a badge of courage
To get me through my day.
You might think these are ballerina flats,
All soft and feminine; made of velvet or
patent leather with cute bows or sequins.
No, these are Converse sneakers
in leather with pink laces –
girly yet strong-looking at the same time.
They go perfectly with my semicolon tattoos,
the ones I got to symbolize
my battle with depression,
my bout with anxiety, and my fight
with whatever psychosis is bugging
my troubled mind.
A heart, an infinity symbol, and a butterfly tattoo –
all with semicolons on all of them.
As in a sentence, each semicolon suggests
a continuation, just as there is more to my story.
Every tattoo means I am staying.
I may be sick in the head, but I am still here
to continue being the me I am supposed to be;
A warrior in this battle that still doesn’t have
an end in sight.
So, when I wear my pink shoes, its laces tied
at a double knot, and with my semicolon tattoos
all bared for the world to see,
I am making my battle known to people
who understand and even to those who don’t.
My pink shoes are my badges of courage;
My semicolon tattoos my shields of war.

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