The Rain for the Clinically Depressed

rainy day

Rainy, gloomy days
are not good, my therapist said,
for people suffering from depression.
These dreary days
bring them down more,
she stressed.
On this though, I would like to differ.
For a clinically depressed person,
the rain could be so much more.

I love the rain, I told her this much.
It makes me feel more at peace with myself
and soothes me as such.
I’ve always enjoyed dancing under it,
laughing as I get soaked to the skin.
For me, clinically depressed that I am,
the rain speaks of a world
where there’s absence of pain,
as it somehow washes away the hurt,
even for a short amount of time.

The rain calms me whole.
It allows the bestial beasts within me
to lay down their heads and rest.
It lets me see myself as a person
with a chance for tomorrow.
It tells me that I can persist
and exist for another day still,
So, I can continue my story
and come to terms with all my sorrows.

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