Like a Zombie

Zombie Art by Jack Larson

In a zombie-like trance, I go through the humdrum of my days. I wake up in the mornings Still feeling the buzz of the pills I took the night before, like coffee dregs Entrenched in my system – Refusing to dissipate. I exist during the day, With my brain, fuzzy around the edges – Like […]

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My Once Lesbian Dreams

Lesbian Dreams

I am a woman. I am a woman with four kids. Yet, once upon a time, this woman Memorized the curves of another woman’s lips. She yearned for the feel of another woman’s skin on her own And longed to touch the gentle swell of that woman’s hips. She daydreamt about cupping that woman’s bosom […]

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The Man in My Nightmares

dark man

As I drift slowly Into my drug-induced sleep, A scene from the past into My dimming consciousness creeped. It was of this school girl And how frightened she was At the sight that assaulted Her eyes, so young and innocent. I could almost hear her screams As she ran away, scampering And quivering – not […]

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