The Rape of Her

the rape of persephone

You screamed at the top of your lungs Like Persephone did when Hades took her Against her will. You struggled with all your might, But you were no match to the chariot-riding god Who overpowered you with his brute strength And held you captive with just a flick of his fingertips. You wanted to steal […]

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Of Fizzles and Smatters

cloudy skies

I want to be where The sun meets the rain, Where the drizzles fizzle As they fly smitten By its light’s brilliance. I want to be where The rain gives in to the sun, Where its patters smatter And dissipate to blend Into skies of cerulean.

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Longing for Dead Silence

Dead Silence

I long for dead silence. The kind of silence where you Can’t even hear a needle drop On the marbled floor at your feet. The kind of silence that exists In the stillness of the night, Where there is the absence of Hooting owls and chirping crickets, When everyone else is asleep Except me and […]

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live each moment…


I have no idea where I am at now. I am literally at the crossroads of this journey called life, where I know not if I should turn left or right. There are still so many things I need to accomplish, so many goals I need to meet, but then I think, to heck with […]

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take it off and rest…

Masked Woman

when the mask you wear gets frayed beyond recognition and threatens to slip off at the most inopportune moments, you cannot do anything but to give in to the emptiness that seems to seep out of your every pore with each cold sweat, infecting your entire being and making you want to clutch yourself in […]

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