Her Heart

her heart - the jungle against the sky

Her heart Is a jungle Of twists and turns – A veritable maze Where you could Lose yourself In broken branches And dried up leaves. Her heart, It is also a meadow – A vast field Where you could Be yourself And wake up To hopes of a Better tomorrow.   ©Leigh_2018

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Love Lost – A Haiku Collection

love lost_lake danao_camotes island

This is a compilation of haikus, which first appeared on my other website www.livingasoulfullife.wordpress.com. I have long wanted to share these poems in one setting. Now’s my chance. Hope you enjoy them. A Morning for Crying The morning dawned With a heartfelt longing to belong – But, it had all the reasons to cry. The […]

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do not push me away…

Night Sky

in the midnight hour, when the darkness of the world covers the hopeful glow of the moon, your heart calls out my name – a sound that reaches my soul as i sleep, trudging along the avenues of my dreams. even as you push me away, i can sense the pull of your energy. it […]

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