A Love Story from the Past

a love story from the past

Love! and it fell.. helter-skelter, an amalgam of bright hues, right into my lap. fuschias, magentas, saffrons, aquamarines… like jewels of every kind, sparkling, dazzling, brightening my very life. and it encompassed… warm, warmer, hot! scalding my being, suffusing me with the need for more. yes, more! i need more of this love for life, […]

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The Sunny Yellow Tricycle and the Big Black Bag

Screenshot from www.livingasoulfullife.wordpress.com

The love story below originally appeared on my other website www.livingasoulfullife.wordpress.com. I made some minor edits before I posted this here as part of the stories that shaped my life. Although I was the one who wrote this story, this is my husband’s account of how our love story started. I hope you will enjoy reading […]

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