All She Asks

all she asks - the sun

She didn’t ask you to be the sun that sizzles the hot, summer air. She didn’t ask you to be the moon that shines outside her window with such flair. She didn’t ask you to be the air she breathes or the breeze that ruffles her hair. She just asked you to be the presence […]

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The Veins to My Soul

traffic - veins to my soul

Like this city’s busy streets, my veins vibrate with the rumblings of the motorbikes, cars, and trucks that make their way through dust-covered highways and byways. My veins, they echo the murmurs and hums of the daily traffic, as they rush to supply blood to my heart – beating a resonant sigh of longing – […]

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Her Heart

her heart - the jungle against the sky

Her heart Is a jungle Of twists and turns – A veritable maze Where you could Lose yourself In broken branches And dried up leaves. Her heart, It is also a meadow – A vast field Where you could Be yourself And wake up To hopes of a Better tomorrow.   ©Leigh_2018

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When the Day Comes

when the day comes

There will always come a day when you’d slip back into yourself. When all efforts you’ve done to appear happy and on top of things will topple down and leave you in a puddle of mess so sticky, you’d have a hard time ungluing your body and your mind from it all. Amidst all the […]

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