Back in the Dark

In the Dark

She smiled. She smiled with all her might – But she’s drowning in the dark again. She tried. She tried real hard – But she’s back down in her hell-hole again. She’s back. She’s back in that place, Where she’s clawing at her wrists again And she aches for a simple embrace. She’s empty. Yes, […]

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The Scent of Vanilla

the scent of vanilla - vanilla scented candle

Dark night at the beach. A tent for two pitched on the sand. The lines of my body, your hands traced. As we made love, the scent of vanilla candles permeated the air. Bright lights in our house. My young brother lies in a white coffin, His hands, by his side, held immobile. As we […]

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In the Cafe

in the cafe

I have a special corner In this cafe, I frequent every day. Here, I can be lost in my thoughts. I can also work to my heart’s desire, Earphones plugged into my ears – Blaring some Linkin Park, Pearl Jam, Or some other alternative band. My music drowns out the disco Or techno songs the […]

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