Of Fizzles and Smatters

cloudy skies

I want to be where The sun meets the rain, Where the drizzles fizzle As they fly smitten By its light’s brilliance. I want to be where The rain gives in to the sun, Where its patters smatter And dissipate to blend Into skies of cerulean.

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Love Lost – A Haiku Collection

love lost_lake danao_camotes island

This is a compilation of haikus, which first appeared on my other website www.livingasoulfullife.wordpress.com. I have long wanted to share these poems in one setting. Now’s my chance. Hope you enjoy them. A Morning for Crying The morning dawned With a heartfelt longing to belong – But, it had all the reasons to cry. The […]

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The Rain for the Clinically Depressed

rainy day

Rainy, gloomy days are not good, my therapist said, for people suffering from depression. These dreary days bring them down more, she stressed. On this though, I would like to differ. For a clinically depressed person, the rain could be so much more. I love the rain, I told her this much. It makes me […]

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