An Ode to the Year that Was


I woke up to a dawn of crisp, clean air To sit on the throne at the king’s lair. I got the whole world at my feet, Giving no thought to the word, retreat. I wasn’t just on my way to the top – I was already there, my ascent no one could stop. I […]

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The Rain for the Clinically Depressed

rainy day

Rainy, gloomy days are not good, my therapist said, for people suffering from depression. These dreary days bring them down more, she stressed. On this though, I would like to differ. For a clinically depressed person, the rain could be so much more. I love the rain, I told her this much. It makes me […]

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live each moment…


I have no idea where I am at now. I am literally at the crossroads of this journey called life, where I know not if I should turn left or right. There are still so many things I need to accomplish, so many goals I need to meet, but then I think, to heck with […]

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