take it off and rest…

Masked Woman

when the mask you wear
gets frayed beyond recognition
and threatens to slip off
at the most inopportune moments,
you cannot do anything
but to give in to the emptiness
that seems to seep out
of your every pore
with each cold sweat,
infecting your entire being
and making you want
to clutch yourself in an embrace.

when your smiles are getting
more forced as the days go by
and the sounds you hear
seem to grate at your nerves
and turn your face into a
picture of eternal grimace,
there is nothing else
you can do, but to dig deeper
into your reserves to find
what little semblance
of composure you can hold on to,
even if deep down the recesses
of your soul, you are screaming
for the whole world
to stop spinning on its axis
and to just let you rest.

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