The Rape of Her

the rape of persephone

You screamed at the top of your lungs
Like Persephone did when Hades took her
Against her will.
You struggled with all your might,
But you were no match to the chariot-riding god
Who overpowered you with his brute strength
And held you captive with just a flick of his fingertips.
You wanted to steal away in the middle of the night
But darkness is his friend
And it holds onto you with a fiery grip
Marring your skin, leaving a scorching burn
Painfully warning you to never escape again.
So, you cried bloodied tears
That seeped into your bosom,
Hardening the heart that lies within,
As you endured torturous kisses
That scalded your skin and deadened your smile
As your last vestige of freedom took flight.

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