The Scent of Vanilla

the scent of vanilla - vanilla scented candle

Dark night at the beach.
A tent for two pitched on the sand.
The lines of my body, your hands traced.
As we made love, the scent of vanilla candles permeated the air.
Bright lights in our house.
My young brother lies in a white coffin,
His hands, by his side, held immobile.
As we wept with grief, the scent of vanilla candles wafted through the air.
The heat of the sun on my face.
A cone of vanilla ice cream in my hand.
A trickle of sweetness, I licked –
As I painfully reminisced, the scent of vanilla perfume tickled the midday air.
I vomit onto my shirt
And onto the hot pavement
Where my vanilla ice cream fell –
As I choked on my tears, the scent of vanilla perfume suffused the heated air.
A lady in white walked by.
Wearing the scent of vanilla
In her hair, in her clothes, in her gait –
As I sniffed through my pain, darts lanced through my heart.




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