The Veins to My Soul

traffic - veins to my soul

Like this city’s busy streets,
my veins vibrate with the rumblings
of the motorbikes, cars, and trucks
that make their way through
dust-covered highways and byways.
My veins, they echo the murmurs
and hums of the daily traffic,
as they rush to supply blood
to my heart – beating a resonant sigh
of longing – to be free, to be away
from the buzz of this metropolitan life.
My heart, it screams of wanting –
to be where skies meet the seas,
to be where the earth smells
of laborious hands and morning rain.
My heart and my veins, they commune
with my pained soul – depressed yet
hopeful, anxious but desperately
seeking for the kind of calm that
covers the world with the silence of
dawn, just when the sun begins to wake
and peek through the clouds.
My soul, yes, my soul – it longs
to be free and is heading there, at last.



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