When the Day Comes

when the day comes

There will always
come a day when
you’d slip back
into yourself.
When all efforts
you’ve done to
appear happy and
on top of things
will topple down
and leave you
in a puddle of mess
so sticky, you’d have
a hard time ungluing
your body and your
mind from it all.

Amidst all the days
of blue skies, verdant
landscapes, and
placid seas – you
will suddenly find
yourself drowning
in hurricanes, naked
trees, and mammoth
waves once more.
And, while it’s during
these days when
you’d need a life
raft to hold on to –
you tend to retreat
into yourself and
stay silent, giving
out smiles empty
of meaning and
digging into the
soft flesh of your
bruised wrists again.



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