Facing My Monsters – A Stage Poetry Piece

Stage Poetry - Facing My Monsters

My monsters. I can feel you inside my brain. You are eating at my heart. You have sprung roots in my soul.

My monsters. You are making my skin crawl. I am afraid every time you make me clench my hands and dig my nails into my palms. For those are the times when I want to lash out at someone, at myself, at the world. Those are the times when images of knives and razors crowd my mind. Those are the times when I want to slash at the veins pulsing on my wrists, when I stare hungrily at someone’s neck – like a vampire poised to bite down soft flesh – picturing it gushing with warm red blood.

My monsters. You make my waking thoughts so gory and morbid. You make me feel like a serial killer in the midst of innocents. And, I want to banish you all from the realms of my reality, from the recesses of my soul.

My monsters. How can I exactly prevent you from taking over my sanity? From tearing apart the moral fabric that holds me rooted to the ground of normalcy. I am not sure if I can wrestle you alone with only my faculties. But I do know that I have warriors willing to fight all of you along with me.

My monsters. You are slowly dying, one by one within me. I can already feel you slink away like phantoms afraid of light. Is it because you now see the resolve in me to fight you with all my might? Or is it because I now have people who care for me and are telling me openly that I am no longer alone in this battle? I now have a battalion with me, willing to fight.

My monsters. You will not win. I will not let you. They will not let you. Go away. Disappear. My fear of you has waned.


*Note: The first piece I wrote specifically for stage poetry.

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