Love Lost – A Haiku Collection

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This is a compilation of haikus, which first appeared on my other website I have long wanted to share these poems in one setting. Now’s my chance. Hope you enjoy them.

love lost

A Morning for Crying

The morning dawned
With a heartfelt longing to belong –
But, it had all the reasons to cry.

love lost

The Rain in My Heart

the mercurial skies opened up,
showering the city with a torrential downpour –
mirroring the sentiments of my heart.

love lost

Soul in Mourning

the rains came relentless,
mirroring the pain – of this
soul in mourning.

love lost

Your Mask

in the morning light,
your mask turns somber grey –
and, i fall apart.

love lost

You Ran Off and Left

right into the distant sunset,
you disappear running –
leaving tears in the dust.

love lost

Lost Love and Missed Kisses

the night murmurs
of lost love and missed kisses –
my lips and heart wait in vain.

love lost

For Life

like the clammy claws of death,
your hand closes over my heart –
maiming me for life.

love lost

You Are the Death of Me

creeping into my window,
stealthily as fog up a steep incline –
your breath that kills.

love lost
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Into the Great Divide

inching further away,
getting closer to that great divide –
our hearts, once intertwined.

love lost

Yesterday’s Kiss

butterflies flitting on moss
sweet-scented air –
your kiss lingers.

love lost

Kissing My Heart Goodbye

like a flitting butterfly
you touched my soul –
kissed my heart, goodbye.

love lost

My Goodbye

the afternoon is quiet, as your
coat slides gently onto your back –
i sigh my goodbye.

love lost

Our Goodbye

the air is still
as it whispers our goodbyes –
my arms, hung by my side.


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